Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reducing Air Conditioning Cost with Wind Chill

We all know the effect called wind chill. How a stiff wind makes wind chill numbers plummet below the actual temperature. The wind chill effect is more accurately called the evaporative cooling effect. Note that wind chill doesn't actually reduce the temperature of the air, it just makes the body feel like it is colder. This works because the wind blowing across the body evaporates moisture from the skin. This evaporative cooling effect will slightly lower the temperature of the skin from the evaporation and make the body feel cooler.

So how do we reduce air conditioning cost? Simple, we bring the wind chill inside by using fans. Fans blowing across the body make you feel more comfortable at a higher temperature. So buy energy efficient ceiling fans or portable fans, place them in highly occupied areas and turn the air conditioning set point up. This will keep the air conditioning from running as much, make you feel more comfortable and save money all at the same time!

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