Friday, August 29, 2008

Saving Energy with Window Treatments

Have you ever gone out to your car on a cold winter day, get in and the car is toasty warm. Or have you ever gone out on a warm day and get in to find the seats and steering wheel so hot you couldn't touch it. Both of these are the result of the sun shining through the glass on your car. Fortunately most cars have some degree of window tinting to help reduce these effects. Unfortunately your house probably doesn't.

Windows can be a useful source of free warmth in the winter but a big problem in the summer. Fortunately there are solutions in window treatments. These window treatments can be used like the leaves on a tree, there to provide shade in the summer and open to let the sun through in the winter.

Window treatments can fall into many categories, each providing varying degrees of protection from the sun.

Some options to investigate for your particular application are
* Awnings
* Blinds
* Draperies
* High-reflectivity films
* Insulated panels
* Mesh window screens
* Overhangs
* Shades
* Shutters
* Storm panels

Some of these such as films and tinting work great in the summer but also prevent the warmth of the sun from penetrating in the winter.

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