Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reducing Fuel and Driving Cost with GPS

The GPS (Global Positioning Systems) has proven to be one of the most powerful commercial tools that delivery and trucking have. This satellite tracking system allows drivers to map the quickest or fastest routes to any destination. It even allows the driver to detour around a wreck or construction minimizing idle time.

In the past few years this technology has gotten cheap. So cheap, in fact, that many drivers already have a GPS. Many people who travel a lot use the GPS to help them find their destination. Vacationers often use it for the same reason.

However, with the cost of fuel escalating, the GPS can be used find the most fuel efficient routes to even local destinations. Often times the mileage to the mall, grocery store or work can be optimized using a GPS.

Base GPS units can be found for $120-$140. This has all the technology needed for saving big dollars. At $3.50 per gallon with a car getting 25 miles per gallon saving only 2.5 miles per day will pay back the cost of the GPS in 1 year ($126 savings). Only 2.5 miles per day! Not to mention using it to reduce mileage on vacations.

Not only can the GPS help find the best route to a destination, it can also help find the closest gas stations, restaurants and other destinations. This is technology that quickly pays for itself, is fun to use and makes traveling much less stressful.

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