Thursday, August 21, 2008

Saving Energy with Reflective Roofing

It may be easily overlooked but substantial energy savings can be obtained by looking up-up to the roof that is. Although it is easy to overlook, the roof is the perfect place to start on a bottom down energy conservation plan. Reflective coatings, shingles and materials now can obtain the coveted Energy Star rating. These reflective roof shingles and roof coatings can lower roof temperatures by 100 degrees. Reflective aluminum shingles also don’t hold heat like ordinary fiberglass and tar shingles. This means your roof not only stays cooler during the day, it cools off faster at night. The overall effect can reduce peak air conditioning demand by 10-15% according to

Many of the large reputable name vendors supply reflective shingles and coatings. Reflective or aluminized coatings can be over-applied to most industrial and commercial built-up type roofs. This coating can add additional life to the roof by reducing heat and reflecting UV radiation.

For a list of Energy Star roofing partners, go to Energy Star Roofing Partners.

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